Square Peg Round Hole | Philadelphia, PA | Photos by: Carolyn Lederach

Photo: Carolyn Lederach | Carlos Pacheco-Perez , Sean M. Gill, Josh Miller, Evan Chapman

Square Peg Round Hole of Philadelphia, PA | Photos courtesy of: Carolyn Lederach

Soundcheck & Live Shots: Crane Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA on 15 December, 2016

Square Peg Round Hole are a fully percussion and electronic based trio from here in Philadelphia.  This particular show was a highly unique and atmospheric experience debuting their newest EP, Five Years, which is out now on Spartan Records.  For this show, they were also joined by Josh Miller, another amazing Philly artist.  The hard work and determination these guys put into a fully DIY show certainly paid off, having spent the entire day setting up and practicing before the show.  I was able to stop by early to catch the soundcheck and check out the space, which came along with their signature mood lighting.