ShoutHouse | New York, NY | Photos by: Claudia

ShoutHouse of New York, NY | Photos courtesy of: Claudia @ Jareth's Girl Music

Rehersal & Live Shots from: Manhatten School of Music in Manhatten & Scholes Street Studios in Brooklyn in March 2016 & The Bitter End in New York City, NY on March 22nd

Shouthouse were a treat to spend some time with, whilst they rehearsed in various locations and played The Bitter End for a sold out show in NYC.

ShoutHouse can be best described as a fusion sound, but if you pay enough attention to their music, you notice that it's not really a fusion of genres that is happening but rather, an elegant positioning  ( much like a game of chess ) of typically and smilingly contrasting sounds, which take the listener to a desired end.  And what is that desired end?  Well, on some songs it sound like Eliza Doolittle ( the fictional character from the well-known musical "My Fair Lady" ) has met up Tupac and they have arranged a happy, musical collaboration.

ShoutHouse's music can also be called experimental, but after spending some time with them, they seem less experiment and more precise expression of emotive ideas.  The collective ( roughly about 14 musicians from NYC ), knows exactly what stories it wants to share with the audience and do it via experimentation with arrangements, but the story that they convey to the audience is solid - devoid of any vacillating musical postures.  

They are truly rap in the lyrical sense; the MCs have something to say that is profound.  They are classical in the sense of their chamber styled-orchestration.  They are jazz in the sense of freedom-of expression approach they take to their orchestration.  They are non-traditional in the sense that ... well, they had bucket drummers at their recent show.  They are loads of fun to witness live!!   Make sure to track their events page, so you can go check out an upcoming show! 

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