Quiet Giant | Bethel, CT | Photos by: Kait Jaouen - Just Vibe Photography


Quiet Giant of Bethel, CT | Photos courtesy of: Kait Jaouen - Just Vibe Photography

Live Shots: The Space in Hamden, CT - Jan. 2016 - Portraits: Downtown New Haven, CT


Quiet Giant is an indie rock band with a dark, dreamy sound, hailing from Bethel, CT. Their musicality is profound; the masterful guitar solos coupled with intense bass lines, and particularly the rhythmic choices of Jared on drums, are clean and innovative. The lyrics are eloquently written, and Danielle’s voice is ethereal and intoxicating.

On stage they exude the pulsating energy that fuels their crowd, and every song builds in dynamic and emotional range. Mark and William never stop moving, from slight sways to hard power stances, as if the music has taken physical hold of them. 

Off stage they are committed and passionate, yet down-to-earth, artists. They all exhibit a dedication to both the craft and the business of the music they make, which is no doubt driving them toward the opportunities and successes they are working hard to achieve.

Quiet Giant’s debut album loom (with former bassist Robbie Vozza) and their newest single “There’s No Future” are both available at www.quietgiantband.com.

Quiet Giant is: Danielle Capalbo on vox, guitar; Jared Thompson on drums; William James on lead guitar; and Mark Almodovar on bass.