Ethan James and Easy Street | Ridgefield, CT | Photos by: Kaitlin Anne

Ethan James and Easy Street

Ethan James and Easy Street of Ridgefield, CT | Photos courtesy of: Kaitlin Ann at Just Vibe Photography

Backstage, Soundcheck and Live Shots:  Behind the Scenes shots at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT.

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With clever lyrics, superior instrumentals and a funk-and-groove sensibility that courses through every note, Ethan James and Easy Street have made a powerful first impression in the Western Connecticut music scene.

Ethan James is truly a force of nature. With a voice unlike any other; raspy and coarse, that breaks in all the right places, Ethan’s vocals remain strong and controlled. Fellow bandmates, Jesse (bass) and Quinton (percussion) provide a lively rhythm section that matches the enthusiasm of James’ energetic guitar playing and roaring voice. He has been playing music for half his life and it shows, as both the quality of songwriting and his stage presence are that of a seasoned professional.

Without fail, Easy Street songs have an upbeat, positive vibe. Even when addressing serious subjects such as addiction and mental health issues, James’ music is never a downer. He manages to take the dark experiences and bring them to a much lighter place, one that is endearing and relatable.

As is apparent from listening to their EP, Live From The Ridgefield Playhouse, you cannot help but tap a foot and hum along as Ethan and company deliver heart and soul in every song. Highlights include the beautifully honest, coming-of-age track entitled “Sick”, and an almost scat-like tune, “What Am I?” These songs shine a spotlight directly on the true talent of this songwriter; his ability to truthfully and eloquently set his most vulnerable self to great music.

The recently released EP, Live From The Ridgefield Playhouse and more from Ethan James and Easy Street can be found at

Easy Street is: Ethan James (vox, guitar), Jesse Lynch (bass), Quinton Gelderman (percussion)

Live show:

Soundcheck and Backstage: