Marcus Machado // Photo Essay

Claudia @ Jarethsgirl Music photographed Marcus Machado during a performance at The Shed Open Jam in NYC.

I first saw Mr. Marcus Machado play on a Wednesday night at The Shed Open Jam in NYC.

He was 'low key' and on the drums, but I couldn't, for the life of me, shake off the heavy Hendrix vibe I was picking up that night.  What I didn't know at the time is that he's multi-instrumentalist and a total monster on guitar.  But, I was soon to find out.

A friend of mine, Bria Monet - a songwriter and musician in her own right, eventually introduced us and I asked if I could interview him for VZN Magazine.  He graciously agreed not just to the interview but allowed me to be a member of his team throughout a series of performances at the Guitar Center in Manhattan and The Brooklyn Academy of Music.  He also invited me to attend a recording session at Converse's Rubber Track studios in Brooklyn.

I am an observer by nature, and it's rare that I approach people I admire - I don't like to disturb people - but on rare occasions, if 'the pull' is ridiculously strong I am compelled to approach.  Luckily, in this case, I got to play my normal and favorite roll: I was a casual observer, encapsulating the special moments before within the digital confines of my camera. 

Throughout the process met family members, good friends, and other talented individuals and phenomenal musicians, which form part of his collective. Everyone was genuinely engaging and capable of generating and joyous atmosphere - it wasn't long before I was 'fam' and not just a stranger. I understood fully that I was being granted the rare privilege of being around immense talent, and the fact that they behaved so humbly - in the best sense of the word - wasn't lost on me at all; in fact, I found the whole experience quite rewarding and inspiring.

These were good people; this was a great vibe; this is great music.  I hope you enjoy the photos and the message they convey.