Adam Ant // Greek Theater // Los Angeles, CA

The original dandy highwayman, Adam Ant, concluded his US Anthems tour at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

While earlier in the year he brought the phenomenally successful Kings of the Wild Frontier tour to America, Ant’s current tour concentrates on the hits, along with a few well-loved b-sides and deep cuts.  There was never a dull moment during the course of Ant’s set, as hit after hit kept the audience singing along.  “Antmusic,” “Dog Eat Dog,” “Friend or Foe,” “Puss 'n' Boots,” “Viva Le Rock”….. each tune even more adored than the one that came before. 

Back in the 80s, Ant was my favorite of the British “new wave,” but now, 35 years later, you realize just how timeless his songs really are.  They don’t sound dated in the least, each one as fresh and unique as the day it was released.   And Ant himself looked fantastic, he was obviously having a terrific time on stage, and it was hard to believe he was old enough to have been making music for as long as he has. 

If Adam Ant comes to a town near you on a future tour, do yourself a favor.  Antmusic is just as flavorful as it was in 1980.

Words and Photos by Kathy Flynn


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