Bad Suns with Carlie Hanson @ House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Photos and review courtesy of Sonni Nicole | March 25, 2019

This Friday was an extremely special one for me. I saw one of my favorite bands for the sixth time in the place I first saw and fell in love with their music when they opened up for The 1975 back in May of 2014. And now they’re headlining and selling out.

This was their biggest sold out show ever, and I am INCREDIBLY PROUD. These guys deserve every ounce of success and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to watch them continue to grow and succeed. Every time I’ve had the chance to see Bad Suns live, they were better than the last, and they’re only going to keep getting better and I’m happy that I get to continue to see them thrive.

They put one the best show, and are so good with drawing the crowd in and engaging with them, especially when Christo goes into the audience for a couple of songs. I always recommend catching a Bad Suns show, because they’re nothing short of incredible!

I had never seen or had the chance to listen to Carlie Hanson, but after seeing her open up for Bad Suns Friday night, she definitely gained a fan in me! She was SO energetic and such a firecracker on that stage, and was a pro in drawing the crowd (including me) in. I’d recommend seeing both of these incredible artists on the “Mystic Truth” tour if they’re stopping by anywhere near you! You will not regret it.